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5 Stars for Agents Of Hope

Friday, March 23, 2018 :: Fiction

5 Stars for Agents Of Hope at Red Headed Book Lover Blog

Red Headed Book Lover Blog

Aimee Ann over at the Red Headed Book Lover Blog has a review up of Agents of Hope. I love watching and hearing the reactions of people when they find a book they like. Below is a brief excerpt of Aimee's review with a link to the full review.

The story of Agents Of Hope is just as incredible as the first story in Agents of the Undertow but dare I say it, the story might be a little better, and I will explain why. I love both books and Agents of the Undertow was a great book that set up the landscape of dystopian America and gives the reader background information on the happenings/pivotal events. Agents Of Hope, however, is an expansion of this story, in the first book the reader is excellently introduced to the world but in the second book, the excellent author Jack McDaniel now has the room to expand on his story, so that is why Agents Of Hope is truly exceptional. I have to admit that I am impressed with McDaniel’s ability to develop on the world he has already created, this is very difficult to do, especially because the first book is so well-developed but McDaniel manages to accomplish the expansion with ease."

Along the journey in book two, the reader will see a new, terrifying side to the Republic of Texas and the horrific Rangers who are ruthless in their ways of rounding up survivors. Book one was focused on the world building and the beginning of the series but Agents of Hope shows us readers the gritty, terrifying side to the world which focuses on the survivors and this was a fascinating insight for so many reasons."

So, awesome! And thanks to Aimee. You can read her full review at the Red Headed Book Lover Blog.



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