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Jack McDaniel

I am a writer and artist whose short stories and essays have appeared in various places online and in print, including: Futura Magazine, Tiny Lights, Technorati and Storybook. I currently live in Colorado with my teenage daughter. Through the years we’ve met some pretty incredible people: football star Joe Namath, Tony Award-Winning actor Tommy Tune, and even the guy who designed the space suit used by Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin when they walked on the moon. And then there were the Twitter Bitches … It's all inside.

Science Fiction is my first love. I write a lot of stories in the Pan21 universe, including novels: Agents Of The Undertow and Agents Of Hope. Pan21 was a virus that decimated humanity. Most of those stories take place in the barrio.

I have several short stories that are in the anthology "The Future Is Short .vol 3", that is out now. My first novel, "Agents Of The Undertow" was released in early 2017, and the second, Agents Of Hope, came out on September 26, 2017.

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