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Pan21 SeriesBook THREE in the Pan21 Trilogy

"At times eloquent, at times pulsating with action, AGENTS OF CHANGE is a thought-provoking contemplation on America's ultimate dystopia"
~ MP Gunderson for IndieReader



Bird starts a war and a revolution, just as she had promised—but is Texas Underground ready? Is Nadia ready for what comes next? Can she martial the troops, her underground and silent army, before the Administration discover her identity and launch an all-out attack on the barrio? It may not matter. They have something far more sinister in mind, and they’re going to blame it on user_01, the leader of the resistance.

Bird can’t complete her mission because she discovers something horrific the administration is planning. So, she does the only thing she can to beat them. She goes to work for Administrator Chaste and his lieutenant, Stan Temple. And she has more than just freeing the survivors on her mind. She wants revenge for her mother, and she’s searching for her place in the universe, wherever that takes her.

Agents of ChangeNadia knows no matter how well she plans or uses her resources, no matter how strong her troops are, and no matter how good her intel is, people are going to die. Can she handle that responsibility and still lead, or will it all unravel and leave Chaste in charge and the Republic in a darker place? It’s a cat and mouse game with only one winner.

"Bird, one of the main characters, works well in this setting as not only a fatal assassin of the military complex leaders but also as a complicated and profound character, one who dwells on the existence of the afterlife, the loss of reason and science in the Republic, and the underlying fear-based motivations of humans."
~ IndieReader

IndieReader reviewMcDaniel brings this confrontation with sorrow, tragedy, hope, and struggle to a powerful crescendo.IndieReader review

Paula Friedman, author of The Change Chronicles