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Barnes & Noble and Another Review

First, some house-cleaning. Agents Of The Undertow is now available at Barnes and Noble for those of you on a Nook.

Barnes & Noble page

Review by Justin Sewall

Second, Justin Sewall, a fellow LinkedIn Writer's Group member, wrote a review of Agents Of The Undertow.

"Agents of the Undertow" is not a beach rescue organization. Nor is it affiliated with the “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” It is a world of drone surveillance, drug abuse, discrimination, violence, fake news and dictatorial leaders. Yet for all of its dystopian undercurrents – or dare I say, undertows – it is a story of hope, persistence and the unlimited potential for unselfish acts of human kindness.

Welcome to the Republic of Texas, a reclusive third world country within the borders of the remaining United States. The aftermath of a global catastrophe has left a great gash in the heart of the nation and in the hearts of those who survived. Yet one group of survivors bears the pale, ashen marks of their ordeal on the outside. Looking much like the doomed nocturnal antagonists in Charleton Heston’s 1971 “Omega Man,” yet without the malevolence, this group of survivors is discreetly shunned or overtly persecuted by everyone who is “normal.” Those doing the persecuting are called “patriots.”

If you are on LinkedIn you can read the full review here.

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