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IndieReader Interview

IndieReader Interview

IndieReader has a brief interview posted they did with me. Check it out here.

The interview took place after Agents Of Hope was published. As you may recall, IndieReader gave the book 4 Stars and said: "McDaniel has a knack for writing characters that live and breathe across the page like intimate acquaintances. Most of the narration is done by survivors and rebels, who eke out an illicit, off-grid small community in Denver, but even the iniquitous administrators and agents never come across as cartoonish, but plausible as power-hungry, prejudiced, sycophantic, and unreasoning."

"Character-driven, quietly powerful writing is the strength of this highly relevant tale of a dystopian America sunken further into bigotry."

So, pretty cool. Check it out. Also, you can find some great titles and lot of good authors can be found on the site.

Currently, they are reviewing my third book, Agents Of Change.

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